Slideshow: ADHD in Adults

It’s not often we look to explain many clinical disorders in terms of ADD/ADHD though in some cases can be seem as an appropriate explanation for those who primarily experience problems to do with adequate daily living and the challenges experienced in regard to time as nd organisation and so on. We can choose to go pharmacological or behavioural in such instances, combine or examine the disorders increasingly through the lense of neuroscientific diagnosis, treatment and related technologies. The link below examines, in simplistic terms, the disorder within the context of a comparison of the two main go-to medications, adderal and Vyvanse. The former is comprised of various amphetamine salts believed to help correct neurological and neurochemical deficiencies, often due to genetic aetiologies. The article helps us to understand how ADD and ADHD presents in adults, often in an easily discernable psychosocial manner. The risks and benefits are outlined as ought be the case in the provision of any chemical treatment rationale and regimin.



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