Social Work

The Fire that time

I came across this piece scrolling through Facebook. Is apparently of a local man running from fire this time, 52 years ago in 1968, heshem bag at the ready by looks. What a differences the years can make now tis lush by contrast to this terrible time last year: dubbed ’Black Summer’. We realise this can be short lived as the first month this summer has only brought with it one real heatwave as yet and so lush can turn to dust inside of one week at 50•C and so a nervous season seemingly remains ahead. So many are still very much back there and now COVID and everything else we have seemingly become so depressed about and saddened by this year is to receive celebration. I seen another depiction by a friend on Facebook too, of a shadow person kicking the 0 from 202’0 in silhouette, over a cliff as it were, then replaced with a ‘1. Only days out from New Years 2020 a real tension is in the air here in Oz and around the world, matched only by polar opposite, those who already exist in their own COVID safe bubble yet fail to maintain their distance. So anyway we knew about COVID potential even back then snd ‘‘twas novel indeed. How could we have foreseen and acted more swiftly? Oz was hit by COVID, to be certain, many hundreds of people died! Since the initial quake the aftershocks have been intolerable, a colleague explained regarding Second Wave lockdown in metropolitan Melbourne where they said police snd choppers were quite present and this went on for many, many weeks, until Victoria emerged victorious today, counting the near miss from a positive resident upon return from Greater Sydney with the virus, where the situation is on tender hooks as cases stubbornly trickle through, with declarations and restrictions being imposed in some areas reminiscent of last March when NSW went into initial lockdown in response to the virus threat – coming in; now seems the situation has changed to managing the reality of the bug being about in the local community, ready to terminate, A-‘symptomate’. The ongoing threat is taking its own unique toll, not in the same vein as the UK and the US obviously at present where things are vastly more dangerous, though at any point we might pay for similar summer mistakes as social distancing and mask etiquette was seemingly forgotten altogether during Boxing Day sales in suburban Sydney twas cheek-to-cheek in store as it were. So we berated #BLM# but infectious sales-fever is an essential protest by comparison. Nope, maybe something’s amiss else remiss! I wonder what our ‘heshem-armed’ firefighters would make of all this, what they would advise given they lived in a certain prosperous era back in the late 60s in Oz. It’s amazing to think about the massive technology revolution and how we have superbly adapted to many of the challenges as individuals and collectively as a data-driven society now. In some instances the only way to communicate with some online players tis via FAQ only by contrast to the 60s. How sad our mass set and forget society wins out against the customer is alright, in that in most instances these days this is no longer true nor a valued as the customer is increasingly being silenced and left by the roadside. The Pandemic is an opportunity by necessity to hold a re-think on a great many issues and problems, after the fire! We have come so so close to viral disaster here in Oz just this longest of past years and it is stressful. I pondered over Christmas that maybe letting it go unchecked is a certain fulfilling prophesy and law of social psychology so will have to see if that plays out in the end but for now if we can hold the line again it will obviously save short pain. Unfortunately though, it seems the virus might have been in circulation in NSW now unchecked for about one month or so. Rail staff were briefed apparently on commuters travelling home to quarantine via the large CityRsil Network and so is it just a matter of time and this time as with Black Saturday the wet heshem bags won’t suffice agains a wildfire that is difficult to see, plot and treat – tis out of control still in many countries. Even the vaccines don’t seem safe and there has been deaths just associated with this, let alone tis the vaccine that is meant to ultimately defend us. We certainly will need a big rethink after the virus is done fighting with us. There is the matter of health bills to pay obviously and the economy somehow keeps operating largely boosted by online adaptations, yet nothing lasts forever and we risks very real global economic threat, are fighting with our trading friends and the whole world is just in a whirl at the moment, a case very much of what’s next and this most ominous of years is not even over. So to be sure, there has to be some gratitude in today! We are not at the point of many other countries, where the toll is unthinkable and unfathomable and the fatigue from the hopelessness likely equates to more physical pain. We are literally a throw of the dice away from either probability, engaged in a COVID Lotto of sorts where the stakes are beyond a sustainable loss! We are on the edge and on a high; many are oblivious else feel immune. We must if we can also try to help our global friends in their struggle to manage should we manage our own seemingly imminent spread. Surely to be in poverty with COVID would have to be the very worst sort of fear there is, alone and snd knowing… A very deep scar will remain visible on the world akin to Black Saturday, where the upper-stratosphere was apparently scorched and loved ones were lost, fears were realised and the Smokey reminder lingered through winter. So too countless life and damage ensues as the COVID global wildfire lingers all the while perhaps into months or longer the smoke will cede less Hell itself opens in the new year. So a timely Happy New Year 2020 to EVERYONE this year as many have earned by survival the right just to be here. There are other people missing from the table, disenfranchised this year to be sure, hence you celebrate whilst you can irrespective, others are yet to commiserate and still others being scorched! Best perhaps we pray this year than party and not to venture too far irrespective. Due to the wildfires it seems our life has collectively suffered shock, just as in families this will be transferred but on a cultural than family scale. So party indeed whilst we can New Years 2020, take each day as tis given and I suppose best be safe and take personal responsibility for our COVID vision, as nothing these days seems is a given.