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A Safe Space To Shelter During Troubled Times

Available: Online every second Thursday evening, Working Towards Zero Suicide. The Shelter is staffed by volunteering clinical and lived experience experts collaboratively. The group was one of the first such alternative to ED options and endured years of training, consultation and networking. The group is led largely by members of the Illawarra-Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative (COORDINARE) and provide a welcoming online space or referral to a physical Safe Space operated and advocates for by participating Collaborative members. So all this together amounts to a pretty solid support to assist people experiencing or affected by suicidality and is non-judgemental and non-clinical – equal space – to buy time during a traumatic to suicide crisis or even to put a hand up in need and attend without any expectations other than to keep sound to the spirit of the lived experience non-judgemental approach. Highly recommended for SE-NSW and beyond, though even by making enquiries Shelter can assist. For precise details please consult the information contained on the group’s flyer !!!

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Australian Social Work Network Reaches Out On Facebook

Democratic Advocates for Australian Social Work (DAASW) has been operating on the Facebook platform for over five years now.  The Network has maintained well over 200 senior clinical members and represents a unique, consistent and engaged membership. Whilst the primary purpose of DASSW is member-centric, many are active in private practice and government and Non-government roles.  As such there is also an external nature to what they do and so is surely a group worth approaching about various consultancy, grant and EOI commissions.  DAASW can be contacted directly by emailing  AASW-eligible social workers can request to join direct.  Our preferred recruiter is Cornerstone Medical though from time to time other employment related opportunities are given coverage.  Some colleagues will also respond to clients seeking to engage their services nationwide and all correspondence directed via the groups email is published routinely to the Network, being careful to observe privacy prior to any handover.  So not only is this unique space valued by members, debate and information is shared in the public interest and should there be public interest about DAASW resulting from this piece I’m sure having access to this Network during 2021 will make it a good one.

A Facebook link to DAASW products store is attached below as a new feature for 2021. The DAASW Page itself can easily be found on Facebook for prospective eligible members. This piece serves to highlight the good work DAASW does and is not meant to be a promotional piece in the first instance but except to draw attention to potentiality and the Network plans to share more regarding its progress throughout 2021.

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LGTP2P Needs Eleven More Likes To Receive Facebook Rating: so close yet so far.

Please visit the Page on Facebook by following our link if you “like” our mission to serve as peers and professionals, sharing hope, resources, meaning and skill to, well, people affected by loss, grief and or trauma.

By Mark Wilder